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September 20-24, 2021
Guest:  Israel Wayne, Family Renewal, Education:  Does God Have an Opinion, "I Homeschool, but not Primarily Because of My Children

Nehemiah Institute - PEERS worldview survey results

Topics:  Israel's Story, More than R,R, & R. What Math says about God, Socialization, Christian Schools vs. Homeschools
ListenMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


September 13-17, 2021
Guest:  Todd Wilson, The FamilyMan
Topics:  Homeschooling & Marriage: Understanding our wives, encourging and listening, $$$, Household Chores, #stayingmarried.
ListenMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


September 6-10, 2021
Guest:  Alex Newman, Public School Exit, The Foundation for American Christian Education

IFI Worldview Conference: Get your kids out of Public Schools

Topics:  International effort to indoctrinate children, Curriculum absurdities, Effects on society, Get your kids OUT!
ListenMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.


Sept 2-3, 2021
Guests:  James & Arkasia Cox, P.A.A.C.H
Topic:  What's happening locally in Homeschooling
Listen:  Thursday , Friday


August 30 - Sept 1, 2021

Guest:  Rev. Caesar LeFlore, Illinois Family Institute

Wednesday:  Alex Newman

TopicsGet Your Kids OUT of Public Schools 
ListenMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday


August 23-27 , 2021
Guest:  Jamie Erickson,  The Unlikely Homeschool, How to Make Boys Hate Reading...
Topics: Calling to Homeschool, Bible Verse of the Year, Homeschooling one of "Those" Kids, 
ListenMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


.August 16-20, 2021
Guest:  Durenda Wilson,
Topics:  Homeschooling through crisis & grief.
ListenMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


August 9-13, 2021
Guest:  Heidi St. John,, MomStrong Intl., Heidi St. John for CongressFirmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center
Topics:  Homeschool journey, Why not public schools?, Heidi for Congress, How do you do it all?, Feeling overwhelmed as a homeschool mom.
ListenMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.


August 2-6, 2021
Guest:  Kirk Smith, Illinois Christian Home Educators
Topics:  Reasons for home education & getting started.

ListenMonday,  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

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