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Recent Programs


November 8-11, 2021
Guest:  Matt & Amy Morgan
Topics: God's provision for homeschooling in a foreign country.
ListenMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


November 16, 17, 2021
Guest:  Scott Phelps, Abstinence & Marriage Education Partnership
Topics: Abstinence education in schools and home school
Listen:  These programs are not available as podcasts, please visit for more information.


November 15-17, 2021
Guest:  Jen Morton, new homeschooler
Topics: Homeschooling made the difference for my wandering child.
ListenMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday,


Special Program!

November 12, 2021

Guest:  Katrina Forseth, C.E.F. of IL
Topic:  C.E.F. in public schools


November 8-11, 2021
Guest:  Krisa Winn, Special Education Consultant, HSLDA
Topics: You can homeschool your child with special learning needs.
ListenMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Friday Podcast on ADHD

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