September 1 - 30

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Don’t let your old Bibles and Christian materials go to waste…. 
Let them be a blessings to others around the world!


  • Bibles (new or used): All Bibles, New Testaments, Bible portions, Individual Gospel booklets.

  • Tracts: All tracts.

  • Reference Books & Commentaries: Dictionaries, bible dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, etc.

  • Books & Paperbacks: All Christian books � adult or children, non-fiction

  • Magazines: Any magazine from a Christian publisher. e.g. Discipleship Journal, Decision, Voice, Aglow, 
    Christ for the Nations, Pentecostal Evangel, Message of the Cross, Leadership, Bread for the Children, etc.

  • Sunday School Supplies: We accept adult quarterlies and all teacher manuals in any amount from all publishers. We accept children�s quarterlies if you have the teacher�s manual and full student manuals.  (we would like at least 8 student manuals, if possible, but will accept less)  Please DO NOT SEND any handiwork, craft, or busy work papers.

  • Daily Devotionals: Upper Room, Daily Bread, In Touch, etc.

  • CD�s, DVD�s, BluRay�s: music, movies, teaching from well known speakers (Billy Graham, Swindoll, etc.)

  • Puppets, Noah�s Ark, Bible games, Nativity sets, biblical puzzles: most anything that helps to present the gospel especially to children.

  • DO NOT SEND: Church Hymnals, VHS Tapes/ Cassette Tapes/ Records/ 8-tracks:  We no longer take these things.

WPEO listeners have donated over 165 Ton's of materials to Love Packages,
to recycle and send to people around the world who hunger for God’s Word.

Click on Love Packages logo to learn more about the Ministry!

Drop off materials at:

A. C. Home of Roanoke
1102 W. Randolph St.
The Blend
1130 Peoria St.

Living Alternatives PRC

205 E. Wilbur Ave.


The Christian Center
4100 N. Brandywine Dr.

Snyder Village
1200 E. Partridge St.
Heinold Heating and Air
517 W. Center St.

Faulk's Floor Covering
139 Linco Drive
El Paso

Jolliff Glass Co.
1700 W. Pioneer Parkway

Midwest Food Bank
2031 Warehouse Rd.

Miller Paint Shop
401 W Jefferson St.

WPEO Radio

1708 Highview Road

East Peoria

Have Your Church, Small Group or Sunday School Class Collect Materials!

Questions?? Call 309-683-5277


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