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Thank you for partnering with 

The Word, WPEO!


On December 13 we announced a 1:1 donation matching offer for up to $14,000.  We had a little more than two weeks to share the opportunity and ask listeners to respond, and you responded! 

Total:  $22,416

We are so grateful to you, and praise God for his sustaining help.

Listener donations in 2023 totaled $35,900, a record for a year with out an equipment need.  THANK YOU!  

Beginning in 2023 we adopted a hybrid revenue model that includes programs, advertising, and listener support.  We are committed to providing quality Gospel oriented programs to Central Illinois without "share-a-thons" and without pressure to donate.  Our 2024 goal is $40,000.   

A listener recently asked what we plan to do with the funds.  Donations will go in to our general fund.  This will allow us to start updating our office space for the first time in 40 years.  (We are planning to use as much volunteer labor as possible)  It will also allow us to give the staff modest raises.  The rest will help with the rising costs of everything else.

We are excited about 2024 and trust the Lord for his provision and help for the year to come.  Thank you for listening and partnering with us as co-laborers in the Gospel.

Our address:

P.O. Box 1

Peoria, IL 61650


Keep reading to learn more about partnering with us in other ways.

Our mission is to broadcast Christian Gospel oriented programs to Central Illinois, programs that help us understand God, ourselves, and our world.  



We have THREE kinds of partners:



& YOU!

You can partner with the Word through:


Financial Donations


& Volunteering.

Prayer Partners: Occasionally, we'll email you a prayer request that has to do with the station, or staff.  

Financial Partners:  Our goal is $40,000 in listener contributions annually.  The business of radio is changing.  Revenue from programmers and advertisers is no longer sufficient for us.  All donations to WPEO are tax-deductible.

Our address:

P.O. Box 1

Peoria, IL 61650

Feedback Partners:  Occasionally, we need to replace programs on the Word.  This is your chance to recommend or rate possible programs before we sign a long-term contract.

Volunteering Partners:  Yup, there's stuff we need help getting done around here.  Some of it are tasks that we can do but take us away from our most important work.  Some of it is just a dream without your help.  The current list includes painting, cleaning, and landscaping.


So, how to you want to partner with us at the Word?  We'd love to hear from you.  Email our General Manager at Paul@wpeo.com.