Thank you for participating in the WPEO Listener Survey!


We are busy studying and evaluating your feedback.  The recent changes to our lineup were planned before we conducted the survey.  We believe you deserve to know the reasons for the recent changes.  

 WPEO aired Discover the Word since it's beginning in 1998 and Radio Bible Class, the D.T.W. predecessor, before that.  We all loved the program.  In 2017 Discover the Word attempted to cancel it's release on WPEO, citing the cost.  General Manager, Bob Ulrich, convinced them to keep WPEO as an outlet at a significantly reduced rate.  

In 2020 Discover the Word announced they were going to stop compensating all stations for their time.  This time there was no negotiating possible.  WPEO kept airing the program for free, even after payments stopped a year ago.   We still air it at 8:30 p.m. This was a significant loss of income.  We looked and looked for quality fifteen minute programs willing to compensate stations for their time.  We couldn't find any.  Finally, we decided to produce our own program about home schooling called A.H.E.A.D.  This, too, is a listener supported program, and as important as we think Christian home schooling is to children and families, A.H.E.A.D will need to pay for itself too.   For more on A.H.E.A.D. please visit the AHEAD page.

Don Hawkins is the host of Encouragement Live, a two hour call-in program.  Mr. Hawkins made his original debut on WPEO as the founder and host of the Minrith Meier Health Clinic.  Need Encouragement?  Check out Encouragement Live Saturday evenings from 7:00-9:00.  

Adding Encouragement Live meant we had to shuffle other Saturday programs and end some re-broadcasts.  Please see the Program Guide for all the shuffling.

Your input matters.  More changes are coming in another month or so.  These things take a bit of time.  Thank you for listening!